Exceptional New Homes in Las Vegas

Summit Homes builds exceptional new homes in Las Vegas — in thriving communities where you want to live. Our 30 years’ experience in new home construction and our skilled team of architects give the tools we need to pick better neighborhoods and build better homes. And by building lasting partnerships with skilled, local contractors and craftsmen, we ensure the highest quality workmanship for every new home.

Location first

Summit Homes scouts and chooses only the most highly desirable locations to provide the perfect surrounding for our new homes in Las Vegas. Why? We really believe that where we build your new home is just as important as what’s inside.

A tradition of workmanship

Summit Homes has more than 30 years’ experience as a new home builder. We form long-term partnerships with talented designers, architects, and contractors. How do we ensure quality across the full spectrum of homes we build? The same top-notch teams build our entry-level homes as well as our luxury communities.

More designs

Our homes reflect the unique beauty of the desert and the desires of the modern home buyer. Just enter a Summit Homes community. You won’t see the same tired designs most new home builders use across the country. Inside, you’ll experience floor plans that meet your needs and wants at every turn. And because we have more designs than the national builders, we can build on lots in highly desirable locations that just don’t fit their cookie cutter designs.

Save Time Through Experience

We are proud of our long history of designing new homes in Las Vegas that fit both the community and your lifestyle. Our homes mix livable design with an elegant aesthetic. Combine that with workmanship that exceeds expectations and 30+ years of experience. What do you get? Excellence. And because we’re not exactly new to this, we’ve learned to streamline our process without cutting corners. So, you’ll get to start enjoying your new home sooner.