Exceptional Seattle New Homes

The Summit Homes name means quality in Seattle. New homes at the heart of thriving Puget Sound communities. We hire only skilled, local craftsman and contractors to ensure your new home’s workmanship has the highest quality.

You receive unparalleled value. Our varied and unique designs allow our homes to reflect your style while remaining a natural part of the whole community.

Desirable locations matter

At Summit Homes, we seek out vibrant, thriving locales to build our communities. These highly desirable locations provide the perfect surrounding for your new home. We believe that the locations of our homes are just as important as what’s inside them.

Dedicated workmanship

With more than 30 years of homebuilding experience, Summit Homes uses its partnerships with talented, local designers, architects, and contractors to build unique and enduring new homes. We use the same crews to build our entry-level homes as we do our luxury communities. That’s how we keep our quality consistent.

Plentiful designs

Each new home in a Summit Homes community reflects the vibrancy and beauty of the surrounding area. When you walk into one of our new homes, you see a carefully crafted floor plan tailored to your interests and the location. You don’t see the same 20 designs other home builders use across the country. We offer more designs that fit your lifestyle.

Experience Saves Time

We have a long history of designing homes that fit both the community and your lifestyle. This is not homebuilding as usual. At Summit Homes, we intertwine livable design with a flowing aesthetic and workmanship that exceeds expectations. Our experience allows us to streamline our building process without cutting corners, creating Seattle new homes on a timetable you’ll appreciate for a cost you’ll love.